When: Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Some Fridays may be available. Parties are 1 ½ hours long.

Cost: $200 for ten (10) children ages 18 months and up. There is an additional charge of $5.00 per additional child. (If a child is on the floor, they are considered to be with the party.)

Details: The party consists of one (1) hour for gymnastics instruction, beginning with warm-up exercises to music, followed by time spent on various “stations” such as the obstacle course on the floor, the tumble track, bars and beams, etc., ending with parachute games. We also offer our Ninja Warrior Course for birthday parties. We warm up together at a high energy pace and then it is off to tackle the challenges ahead in the Ninja Warrior Course. Just let us know which option you would prefer.
The remaining half (½) hour is designated for the birthday child’s refreshments which you must bring with you: cake, ice cream, drinks, and to open presents. You will also need to bring all your own paper products, forks, spoons, etc. for your party. The gym does not provide any food or paper products. (We do have a refrigerator that you may use.)

Please make sure that your party ends at the designated time and any children that are dropped off are picked up promptly at the end of the party so that your gymnastics coach is able to leave on time! We appreciate your consideration in this matter. *There is a $25.00 fee for parties that extend beyond the allotted time.

After party has been reserved, please call the gym two – three days prior to your party date to let us know how many children will be attending.

Please note: Due to insurance reasons, only the children participating with the birthday party are allowed on the floor and equipment – no parents or visitors!

RSVP to: call Donna at 804-240-5954 to schedule your party today!
Each child will need to have a waiver filled out by their parent before they may participate. You may submit it below or print a waiver out and bring to the gym the day of the party.


Party Waiver

  • Registrant Information

    Please fill out this form prior to coming to the birthday party.
  • Emergency Contact

    In case of emergency, please provide some information about who we should get in touch with.
    I, the participant and parent or guardian, if under eighteen, desiring to participate in the ALL SMILES - ALL AMERICAN GYMNASTICS programs and all special activities, hereby release and agree to indemnify and save harmless ALL SMILES – ALL AMERICAN GYMNASTICS, their employees from any and all claims of any nature for injury or loss that may result from such participation or preparation for such participation. I hereby fully consent to emergency medical care rendered by competent personnel or hospitals, should such attention become necessary during the special event. Further, I certify that the entrant is in good physical condition and capable of participating in programs.